6W Solar Home System With Flashlight, Bluetooth And Radio

Key Features
  • Solar Panel: 6W
  • Bulb: 5W/300LM
  • Color temperature: 6000-6500K
  • Bulb cable: 3M
  • USB output: 5V/1A
  • Features: Multi-functional mobile power supply solar system, LED bulb lighting, Flashlight lighting, Mobile phone charging, Speaker, Listen to Radio, Play music

6w Solar Home System with FM RADIO/ SD CARD/BLUE TOOTH MP3 function, it powers super bright LED bulbs and digital devices. A multi-functional portable solar power lighting system perfect for studying/emergency lighting or areas where there is complete power outage. Ideal for anyone desiring to go “green” or conserve energy.
NOTE: It can only be use to charge small phone (Touch light phone) without much effect on the battery. for the battery to last longer, we advice you not to use it to charge phone

With double high luminous SMD tube light and 2-step light-dimmer for different lighting requirements.

Built-in FM Radio, bluetooth, SD card speaker and power bank function.
Two charging ways: AC 220-240V/50-60Hz, DC solar panel under available sunlight.
With USB power bank function: 1 USB port for charging ipad, phone and other gadgets.
With bulb output socket: 2DC jacks for 3w4V bulbs
With fuse protection function: maintenance-free storage battery, over charge, over discharge, and short circuit protection
Battery power indicator
4 in 1 USB Cable
Solar panel is 6w
Battery is 6v/4.5ah

In order to get higher charge efficiency, use the below methods
  1. Place the solar panel towards the sun, avoid covering by shadow
  2. Wipe the panel surface using the wet cloth regularly, avoid resisting the sunlight by dust or blot
  3. Place the system to where shady and cool when charging, so that it can increase the charge efficiency


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